You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers.

How does your program work?

We offer one, all-inclusive safety training program:

You can opt to have all or selected initial training modules automatically delivered to your drivers. Drivers are notified via the Safety Forward App and/or through email and will have 30 days to complete.

Monthly safety training will be delivered to your drivers on the 1st of each month. Drivers have 30 days to complete.

Employee discussions or meetings are documented when you enter a meeting date/description and assign it to employee(s). Employee(s) are then notified and are able to acknowledge the meeting.

Reminders of soon-to-be expiring driver’s licenses and medical cards will be emailed to you.

All training completion and employee meetings are documented in our database. You have access to numerous reports as proof of completion that can be printed for the DOT at any time.

That about sums it up.

What do I have to do?

Simply login and add your employee(s). We will deliver the initial training and the monthly training thereafter. You have unlimited access to our ‘Orientation & Remedial Safety Training’ modules and are able to enroll drivers in one or all modules, whenever you choose!

Track your in-person employee meetings or discussions by simply adding an employee meeting and assigning it to the drivers who attend. Drivers will be notified to acknowledge and their acknowledgement of the meeting will be documented.

Why is your program so much cheaper than competitors? Is this too good to be true?

Simply said. We cut out the bells & whistles and complexities of expensive, cumbersome programs.

We wanted to create a simple program that meets the needs of your contractual safety compliance. Yet we understand your budget and lack of time available to mess with figuring out complex programs. Time is tight. Money is tight. And we get it.

We are here to service those of you looking to keep things Simple.

But my drivers will not want to do this?

Lets face it. Drivers do not want to spend extra time completing safety training. We understand this and have made our program as easy-to-use as possible.

Our App notifies drivers of newly assigned training and only displays the necessary buttons drivers need to get on their way. Most of our training modules have a run time of less than 10 minutes, which is short enough to keep driver attention, but long enough to pack in useful safety information.

We do not want your drivers to leave their home terminal in a rush because they just spent 40 minutes completing safety training. We feel adding stress to your driver’s day (and in-turn, a rushed state of mind) defeats the purpose of any safety training at all. A stressed driver makes mistakes, so we aim to keep our training simple, keeping your drivers happier and less rushed.

When are my drivers able to complete their training?

Our mobile App allows your drivers to complete safety training at their convenience. So drivers are able to complete their training while waiting for packages to load, during lunch breaks, on the toilet (because we know they will), or at home.